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Things clients should never do to escorts on dates

Seeking the services of London escorts is not a new thing in society. This practice is welcomed by others and mostly is very taboo about it. In fact, this type of business has been recognised in London as the oldest transaction there is for centuries. Through time, winds have changed but the services offered by London escorts did not change that much. Generally, the same standards still apply. If you are a new client and you do not know what to do once you see your escort, then you may consider some of the tips below to make your appointment successful:

1. Do not loan money.

Although you really like your escorts, it is still best to not lend her money if she requests from you. This will just build up a very deep personal relationship more than just the established escort-client relationship. Generally, this is never a good idea. Just keep your relationship to purely a business type of arrangement.

2. Do not lend your phone.

Mobile phones have become a popular option for daily communication, but it is not a wise decision to let anyone borrow your phone even to your escorts. If she asks or requests to use your phone, just tell her that you are not comfortable with others using your own phone. You can offer her to make a phone call for necessary events, but do not completely give her your phone.

3. Keep track of your personal, valuable items.

Even though it is nice to assume that we all live in a seemingly perfect world, it is still true that we really do not. Some London escorts in the adult entertainment industry are just not honest with their businesses. While there are some London escorts in the industry who are really trustworthy and honest, it is still never a good idea to let your personal belongings such as cellular phone, wallet or other valuable items be out of your sight.

4. Be hygienic.

Escorts in London do not want to have an appointment or do an encounter with a client who is sweaty and dirty. Always make sure that you have enough time to shower or clean up yourself before meeting up with her. If you cannot do this because of your busy schedule at work too, then you can request your escort if you can shower when you meet up at your hotel or house.

tips when dating London escorts

tips when dating London escorts

5. Never push limitations.

Definitely, do not ignore limitations set up by your escorts. You should know that every escort has different set of guidelines they should stick to and you should follow. Once you try to push limitations, the woman may immediately call of your appointment.

Always remember that you should respect their guidelines, as well as abide by their requests.

6. Do not make cancellations without notifying her.

It is really a disappointing feeling if you are stood up for a scheduled appointment. Do not do this to your escorts. If something comes up, maybe a family matter or business-related, then you can explain it to her by calling her up.