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Sex no longer spoken of in secret

As we all understand, sex is indeed a very hot topic. Whether we talk about it freely among the cohorts or for educational purposes, it’s apparently bound to result in some form controversy. 

Actually, sex is almost everywhere. It is shown in music videos, movies, lyrics of certain songs, talk shows, books, among the rest. These are just some prime examples that sex is in everything we hear and see every day. 

This day in age, sex shouldn’t be really considered a taboo. We should talk about it freely; never consider it as something vulgar, dirty, and obscene. And am glad that these days people talk about it without embarrassments. Remember, by the time we reach college, it should no longer cause us any blushing.  

Why believe sex isn’t considered a taboo these days?


The current system of education exposes students to various forms of sex. As a matter of fact, today’s students not only have pictures of complete women and men, they also discuss very important topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, sex abuse, refusal skills, teenage pregnancy, paternity, and sexual orientation. 

Generally, almost every learner must learn a certain aspect about sex. For instance, elementary-school students learn about the anatomy, middle-school students learn about a special topic on how babies are made, while highschool students learn about the relationships and responsibilities. Thus, these topics expose students and therefore they see sex as something normal. They don’t see it as a taboo in any way. 


Civilisation is another main force. Civilisation has had to apply a certain sort of control over sexuality because until recent times, sex had very high odds of pregnancy. This indeed creates practical issues that the society needs to address.

Some of the problems that societies were to address revolve around issues such as child-rearing and child care. Legal and estate issues were also addressed as well.  

In our ancestral environment, these problems were much less. Thus, mentioning sex was regarded as a form of taboo. However, with the current level of civilisation and the need for birth control, sex is freely mentioned, especially in seminars and workshops where people are taught on best sexual practices. 


Religion is another critical aspect that has a lot of shaming around sex and overall body. It also has several rules. Accordingly, it’s very convenient and effective to convince people that natural behaviour is sinful, and hence the services of a church is necessary for one to be holy. 

While religion has actually played a vast role in our perception of sex, the sexually transmitted infections have probably changed the whole thing. Yes, I probably agree that STIs has been there for decades. However, the rate of infection was not alarming as it is in the present. 

Due to high rates of infections, sex is deeply pronounced in the churches. Youths are taught about safe sexual practices and abstinence of sex before marriage. Thus, sex isn’t presently viewed as a taboo, but is regarded as something normal in the church.  


As I mentioned earlier, sex is virtually everywhere. It’s shown in countless videos, movies, televisions and also in the lyrics of certain songs. Thus, we hear and see sex in almost every aspect of our lives. Since we see and hear sex every single day, we tend to get used to it. Hence, we don’t presently see sex as a taboo. It’s indeed something normal, something that we ought to talk about it openly without fear, blush, or embarrassments.