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Best redheads in London

I am a man with very few pleasures in life. Okay, I don’t exactly live like a monk, but I would say that I have considerable less pleasures than other gents. When I am not busy working, I like to to read or I like to date hot redheads from Marylebone escorts here in London. I have always had a passion for redheads, and I can only put this down to my stunning Irish nanny that I had as a child. She was a lovely girl with long red hair and green eyes. Ever since then I seem to have a fascination for redheads.


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Miranda is one of the hottest and most exciting escorts that I have ever dated. We have been seeing each other for the last four months and during that time we have become really close. There are other girls at Marylebone escorts who promise that they are hotter but they are blonde. I am afraid I am not into blondes so I leave the blondes girls to be enjoyed by other gents. Miranda and I have a great time together, and with her long legs and sexy smile, she is just a combination to die for.

Vera is another hot redhead at Marylebone escorts. She has only just joined the agency but we have had a couple of really enjoyable dates together. On every date she has managed to step up the temp, so this is another lady that I plan to see a lot of. She is a lot of fun to be with, and seems to have a fascination for role play. I love the fact she smiles a lot, and she is a girl who is very easy to be around. Actually, I think that I would to see a lot more of her, and I hope to see her at least once a week.

Then we have American Maggie. She is from Boston and has one of those larger than life personalities. Maggie loves to cook and there is always something happening around Maggie’s place. Somehow, Maggie’s social life has got mixed up with her life at Marylebone escorts, and I have sort of ended up on her dinner party guest list. She is not only  a sexy girl but she likes to live life to the max as well. When she is not bungee jumping, she seems to be sky diving.

If you are visiting London, or just hankering for some redhead company, I would urge you to visit Marylebone escorts. I think the girls are the hottest girls in town and I have had some serious fun in their company.  The truth is that I always find that redheads are very sexy and sociable at the same time. Perhaps it is this magical combination which makes them such perfect escorts. Don’t sit on your own, give Marylebone escorts a call and rustle up some hot companionship tonight. There is no way that you are going to regret it, and I am sure that you will enjoy some serious adult fun.