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Walk me to my car

Ever since I have been living in London, I have felt perfectly safe. But, in recent weeks, I have felt a bit less happy about things. More of my dates are now as an outcall escort which means that I often take my car. Finding parking can be difficult in most part of London, and I often end up parking some way from my date’s location. The boss of Barnfield escorts of have told us to try and park as close as possible but that is not always easy.

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The other night I felt like somebody was following me, and I was not comfortable at all. I am not sure if somebody had seen me come out of my gent’s house, but I got the distinct impression that I was being followed. I did call my boss at Barnfield escorts just so I could have somebody to talk to. He picked up that I was frighten on the phone and just kept on talking to me. Once I got into my car, I locked the door as quick as I possibly could and I was okay.

A couple of the other girls at Barnfield escorts have said that they have had this happen to them as well. Last night, I asked my date to walk me back to my car even though we were in a very safe place in London. He did not mind at all, but he could tell that I was a bit worried. I explained what had happened and he told me that he completely understood why I felt a little bit anxious about walking back to the car on my own. He waved me off and everything was fine. I think that I will do that on all of my dates in the future.

As always, I am very conscious that I carry my bag correctly. Lots of girls do carry their handbags unzipped but I never do. I make sure that my bag is firmly zipped up and at the same time, I make sure that the zip is opening forward. That means that nobody can open the bag behind my bag. Some say that this is way over the top but I do feel a lot safer this way. Most of the girls that I work with at Barnfield escorts are careful as we do carry rather a lot of money at all times.

Of course, there are other security measures that you should take. I do not always wear stilettos. If somebody were to chase you, you may not be able to run that quickly in stilettos. One of the girls that I know fairly well at Barnfield escorts was chased in her stilettos and found it very hard to run. I have learned by her lesson and try to avoid wearing stilettos when I walk in the street. Actually I keep my flats and change once I get a little bit away from my date’s house. It may not look attractive but I certainly do feel a lot better wearing flats.