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Can I be your surprise tonight?

Sometimes I find that you have to taste a lot of chocolates to find the right one. Would you like me to be your surprise tonight? Just like opening a chocolate box, there are many different types of surprises. Some are sweet and others can be a little bit stronger tasting. We get the same thing happen here at London escorts. All of us girl taste a little bit different and it can even be said that we come with different flavours. What would you like to try tonight?

If you are in a bit of an adventurous mood, may I suggest that you try one of my more exotic colleagues from Brazil. Many of the girls from Brazil like to turn on the heat a little bit, and if you have had a hard week at work, you may even just enjoy that. I am sure that all of the exotic ladies here at London escorts would be more than happy to look after you. If you give our reception a call, we will try to give you the best advice.

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Perhaps you would prefer a more relaxing experience. Well, in that case London escorts can help you again. We have some Scandinavian beauties here at the agency who like to cool things down a little bit. You may just find that is what you would after you have come back from that business trip. I will let you in on a secret, we even have an Icelandic girl here at the agency and she is something else to spend time when you need a little bit of soothing.

Would you like meet somebody broad minded? If you would like to expand your mind this evening, may I suggest that you leave your choice up to us here at London escorts. I am not sure how much you have heard about Eastern European girls but there truly is something really exciting about them. So many gents in London seem to enjoy dating them, and I know that you will as well. The girls that we have here at the agency, really do have some hot specials for you and you may even get hooked.

If you would like to meet any of our fine ladies here at London escorts, may I suggest you check out our site. I know that it is not an easy choice, but if you need advice you can call. All of our ladies work on outcall basis and will be around to your place as quick as they can. They can party as much as you like, but remember once you have unleashed the power of a London escort, you may find her hard to control. Most of the girls are totally free spirits and like to have fun in the most unconventional sort of ways. If that is what you are looking for, you have finally found the right London escort agency for you. Remember that we would like to be your very special friends when that need falls upon you.