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Do we have a future together?

I have fallen in love with one of my gents at Mayfair escorts. We have been seeing each other for about a year at the agency and we do have a really great time together. A couple of weeks ago, I told him that I was leaving the agency to start a training course in London. He was really shocked and said that he was going to miss me a lot. Subsequently we started to talk about our feelings for one another and that was it.

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So far, we have decided to see each other after I leave Mayfair escorts. I have explained about my life situation to him and he has talked about himself. We are both very independent people but I think that is really good. I have my own place and he has got his own place as well. It is not like we are going to move in together right away, but one thing is for sure, we both really love each other. Perhaps something more will come out of it in the future.

I am not sure how he feels at the moment, but I feel like my life is starting again. Having worked for Mayfair escorts for the last ten years has been great but now I am really ready to move on. Some of the girls stay in the business a lot longer but I feel it is about time that I left. I have been wanted to change my career, and after you have beauty training, there are so many things you can do. For instance, you could set up your own place or work for one of the big companies.

The man in my life has suggested that we take a break together before I start the course. I would really like that and I am pretty sure we will get along fine. He has suggested that we go on a cruise. That is something else that I have always wanted to do, but not the sort of thing you do on your own. Saying that, he tells me that he has been going on cruises on his won, but not really have had such a good time. Anyway, he is planning the cruise so I am letting him get on with that.

There are some aspects that I am really going to miss about Mayfair escorts. Of course, I am going to miss my friends at the agency, but I am also going to miss some of my gents. However, I feel that I have come out really well and I am taking the man in my life with me. We are already enjoying spending a lot of time together, so I think that is going to be okay. Even the simplest things in life are fun with this guy and I hope that we will indeed have a future together and be able to enjoy life. Not all girls who leave the agency are so lucky, and I do thank my lucky stars for everything in my life.

Slough football girls



London football club still owns Slough and despite their recent move, it is a popular place to hang out in this area of London. It has certainly changed a lot in recent years. Now, you are much more likely to find an Indian restaurant than a Pie and Mash shop in this part of town, but such is life. However, one thing that has not changed is the Slough escorts services. The babes who date for the local escorts services are just as hot and sexy, and many ladies from the local ethnic community are now mixing with the English roses.


Valandra is hot Indian escorts who dates through Slough escorts, and she is one of the more popular dames in the area. As a matter of fact, her reputation is now somewhat international. If you are not lucky enough to find Valandra in her exotic boudoir, you are likely to find her on outcalls all over London. Valandra is one of London’s top escorts and it is said that she doesn’t really need to work anymore. However, Valandra enjoys escorts and showing her gents a really good time is a pleasure to her. She employs exotic Indian techniques and many gents just come back time and time again.


Valandra is not the only hot and spicy girl who works for Slough escorts services. If you check out the site, you will find that some stunning blondes and brunettes date in Slough as well. it all depends on what you are looking. If you would like to meet a sexy blonde on Friday night you can do so, but if you fancy as stunning brunette, that is fine as well. Dating in Slough with is like opening a box of chocolates and taking your pick out of the gorgeous ladies that you can meet in this part of town.


Vikki is an English rose with curly brown hair who has been dating in Slough for two years. She started off as a lingerie model but soon drifted into escorting when she discovered that it was hard work a living as a model. Vikki has the most amazing figure and just loves to keep herself fit. She takes those long lovely legs back into the gym several times a week to keep herself in excellent shape. Vikki may not be a fitness fanatic but she certainly likes to look after herself.


It is surprising that not more gents date Slough escorts. The girls are absolutely stunning and many of them are former glamor or lingerie models. Yes, this is one area of London that you will still be able to meet some real treasure and at the same time you will meet some new unique talent as well. If you live in the area, don’t sit alone at home on a Friday or Saturday night. Pop down and meet some of the local girls, and you will have the time of your life.