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The very basic facts of men and women

Men commonly ask the women Victoria escorts in why we women are so emotionally. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. Yes, it may have to do with that women have a few more hormonal rages on occasion but a lot of other factors come into play too. The major factor is communication. Women are the masters of communication and our brains have established a much better communication as a result. We can talk and talk for hours which naturally drive men mad. What happens during these chats? Well, powerful bonds are formed and this is what makes women such a force to be considered in times of problem. Most women have like a network of friends they can make use of when they need to. Men do have friends as well but the reality is their relationship circle is smaller and do not have the strong emotionally connections that many women have to each other.

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It is a basic fact of life but women are more emotionally. We can be accurate as well but we always perform much better of that fact is connected to an emotion. For instance, men can enter and run any business. With women it simply does not work that way. Our business will succeed when we feel passionately about it. It doesn’t matter if it is a small turn up shop in Victoria or a multimillion dollar corporation. We need to feel something for the business or the task that we do.

Naturally, having children can make us more emotionally. We appear to have a stronger bond to our off-spring than men. As a matter of fact, the researchers believe that it started back right here. Women, whether Neanderthal or not, established a strong link with the child in order to want to protect that baby. The men folk in their life may have come and gone but that little child stayed to be. Nature for that reason needed some way to make us want to protect the child. In order to do that nature enhanced our psychologically center in the brain. It is really as easy as that.

It is good to talk. Women throughout history seem to have acknowledged the need to communicate. Once again it probably goes back to children. We found out techniques on how to take care of that child from other women and this helped us to keep the child alive. At the same time we needed to go through all the ups and downs with that child and that lead us to having a huge range of emotions. This is why women cry when they are upset or have an upper and downer with someone. They are hurt and they express those emotions. If they cannot express those emotions will have the tendency to make them terrible in handling things in their life. The more you give so much care to woman the more you will appreciate their purity and fragility.