Some women get maximum stimulation when the man goes behind her and give her a good anal sex.


Well as much as this may be a good idea to some women said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency from, doing it perfectly makes them want more. It can sometimes become painful since the lubrication is not as much as the one you get from the vagina. So what are the secrets of having the best anal sex? Here is a look.

Start slow

Starting slow mean having control over your erection said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. Starting out in a rush will always make your efforts to enter a woman through the back door painful. If you cause her pain, then don’t expect the anal sex to give her pleasure. In worst scenarios she will never buy that idea again.

So start slowly said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. If you’ve never touched her anus before, finger tips are what you must start with. You can’t expect to get your ‘tool’ up there on day one.

Use Lots of Lubrication

The anus of a woman is soft and not well lubricated said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. So when it comes to lubrication, do it whenever you touch your woman’s anus and it will prevent any micro-tears. Lubrication really helps to ensure that you don’t hurt her and that the whole act is less painful and more pleasurable.

Be Careful Where You Put ‘Things’

When you decide to only focus on the anus, keep your eyes on the anus said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. If you put your finger, a sex toy or your penis inside your woman’s ass, DO NOT then put them in your woman’s vagina as this can lead to vaginal infections.

Touch Her Ass at The Right Time

Sometimes sharing your anus idea with your woman can be awkward and turn her off said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. So how do you start out with it? You can only get her used to you touching her anus when she is very close to having an orgasm. For example — as you are giving her oral sex and she is about to have an orgasm. lightly rub her butt hole with the end of your finger. This way she starts to associate massive pleasure to having her ass touched by you.

And with that in mind, you can also make your anal sex more pleasurable by trying out the different positions suitable for the anus like the doggy and the woman on top said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. Spooning can also work just fine. But do not enter her anus and vagina at the same time. Choose one.

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