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The prostate gland is the key to sexual pleasure in a male.


It is the button that opens the floodgates of pleasure, frequently referred to as the P-spot, the “G-spot” of a male. The prostate gland is rubbed, rubbed or gently pushed through the wall of the anus. Due to the high sensitivity of the prostate gland, it offers you a tingling feeling. Fulham escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/fulham-escorts says that semen flows easily without even the physical stimulation of the penis. When the prostate starts the procedure of emptying itself, the feeling can simply drive you wild. It makes you hold on the threshold of different forces of feelings. You hang around that sensation that comes minutes before ejaculation for longer which makes you understand why prostate massage is pleasurable.

Prostate massage brings a new measurement in sex because of the mental or psychological high that a man is able to accomplish. The positions assumed throughout prostate massage by the receiver are susceptible positions. Whether it is a face to face or deal with “away” from the giver all of the susceptible positions to be presumed by a male. A male is always utilized to managing and conquering and when he places himself in a susceptible position to get a prostate massage, it merely creates a wild mental high state. Fulham escorts tells about an experience you never had before. Simply insane! The brain is the most nimble sex organ and when it gets a sexual overdrive, it activates subsequent hormone releases whose sensations are simply out of this world. It is like getting a sexual recovery if you had actually not recognized why prostate massage is satisfying. A sexual massage is never short of good tidings and the reason that it is pleasurable. It builds up sexual capability by prolonging sexual intercourse. This fact is not far-fetched however clinically proved just to assure you why prostate massage is enjoyable. A prostate massage triggers the free flow of semen through an erect or flaccid penis in a pleasant and controlled manner. Fulham escorts says that a massage on the prostate does not entirely empty the contents of the prostate gland. But throughout normal sexual intercourse the prostate swells with semen to its full size. During ejaculation, it releases the semen in managing powerful spurts and sexual intercourse ends. With absolutely nothing left to keep an erection, cause contractions or climax! You have to wait for a very long time in order to accumulate sufficient stock of semen to allow another session of sexual orgasm. Energy is lost during ejaculation however through a prostate massage it is possible to drain semen in little dose and prolong sexual pleasure.

The anal sensitivity during a prostate massage is merely frustrating. The anal area has thousands and countless nerve endings. It is a man’s hot spot which informs you why prostate massage is enjoyable. It can get excited to such extraordinary levels that will make you feel like you are sucking air through the rectum. A prostate massage promotes the anal area when rubbing the rectal wall to massage the prostate gland.

Did you know that it is good for you to have a best friend?


I keep telling the girls at Chelsea escorts that they should try to take some time out with their best friends. A lot of them are working really hard, and the only time they see people is actually when they are at the agency. That is not any good for them at all, and I am sure that they may feel a bit bad at times. I love meeting up with my friends for coffee, and I know that friendship should never have to be complicated.

To be fair, I do think a lot of people make friendship way to complicated. Personally I don’t care when my friends outside of Chelsea escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/chelsea-escorts open the door in the pajamas. I don’t pop around to my friends to make a fashion statement, I pop around to see my friends because I enjoy their company. Most of my friends are as relaxed about friendship as I am and I think that helps. We have known each other for a long time, and we do know what to expect from each other. Being good friends for years is really a boost for the psyche.

Sometimes when I have had a bad day, I like to meet up with my friends. Most of them appreciate that working for Chelsea escorts is not the easiest thing in the entire world. I would like to think that my friends are just as comfortable with me and are happy to share whatever is troubling. It can be tough to talk about things with people you don’t know very well but talking with good friends can be so much better. Most of the time you can find a solution together, and I think that makes everybody feel great.

I have made friend with some of the girls at Chelsea escorts. We have been working together for quite some time know and it would be fair to say that we have got to know each other. A few of the girls are from abroad and they don’t really have a lot of friends in the UK. It is a nice feeling to be able to be their friend and help out a bit. Most of the time the girls just need to have a nice chat, and I think this is one of the things that friends can do so well for each other.

A lot of the gents that I date at Chelsea escorts see their girls at friends as well. To be honest, it does not happen straight away and sometimes it takes them a little bit of time to find out what it is like to have a friend in an escort. So many people are lonely these days and it is good to be able to talk. Many of my gents like to talk and I am happy about that. I never take on their problems but I am happy to talk to them about what is troubling them. After all, isn’t that what friends are for???

Some women get maximum stimulation when the man goes behind her and give her a good anal sex.


Well as much as this may be a good idea to some women said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency from https://charlotteaction.org/tottenham-court-road-escorts, doing it perfectly makes them want more. It can sometimes become painful since the lubrication is not as much as the one you get from the vagina. So what are the secrets of having the best anal sex? Here is a look.

Start slow

Starting slow mean having control over your erection said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. Starting out in a rush will always make your efforts to enter a woman through the back door painful. If you cause her pain, then don’t expect the anal sex to give her pleasure. In worst scenarios she will never buy that idea again.

So start slowly said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. If you’ve never touched her anus before, finger tips are what you must start with. You can’t expect to get your ‘tool’ up there on day one.

Use Lots of Lubrication

The anus of a woman is soft and not well lubricated said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. So when it comes to lubrication, do it whenever you touch your woman’s anus and it will prevent any micro-tears. Lubrication really helps to ensure that you don’t hurt her and that the whole act is less painful and more pleasurable.

Be Careful Where You Put ‘Things’

When you decide to only focus on the anus, keep your eyes on the anus said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. If you put your finger, a sex toy or your penis inside your woman’s ass, DO NOT then put them in your woman’s vagina as this can lead to vaginal infections.

Touch Her Ass at The Right Time

Sometimes sharing your anus idea with your woman can be awkward and turn her off said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. So how do you start out with it? You can only get her used to you touching her anus when she is very close to having an orgasm. For example — as you are giving her oral sex and she is about to have an orgasm. lightly rub her butt hole with the end of your finger. This way she starts to associate massive pleasure to having her ass touched by you.

And with that in mind, you can also make your anal sex more pleasurable by trying out the different positions suitable for the anus like the doggy and the woman on top said by the lovely and sexy girls from Tottenham Court Road Escorts Agency. Spooning can also work just fine. But do not enter her anus and vagina at the same time. Choose one.

I do not understand why an Essex escort broke up me.



There are a lot of things that I still do not understand like why my Essex escort girlfriend from https://charlotteaction.org/essex-escorts decided that it’s best for us to break up. I know that I as a person have so many issues but I thought that I still could change, but the reality was not and my Essex escort girlfriend could see that clearly. I regret the things that I have done in the past and the things that I am doing with my life that hurt a lot. I know that there are a lot of people that do not want to make sure that my life is in order but I know I can still get through no matter what. There are so many things that I wanted to do in life especially now that I am single. My Essex escort was really hopeful for me to change but in the end I just could not do it. I feel really embarrassed and really sad that my life did not turn out the way I hoped for. The truth is that this Essex escort was the only person that truly believed in me and now that this woman is gone I do not know what else to do. This Essex escort is kind and pure but I just did not see the importance of this woman in my life and I paid the price. I know that if things would have been difference my life would have been a lot better but it is all over now. The more I think about what I wanted to do in life the more I regret the things that I’ve done. This Essex escort was clearly the one for me but I still managed to mess things up with her. I know that it might be a long time when I will manage to keep my life back on tract but that is alright. There are many individual that makes me feel strong and better each and every time. I know that it’s hard for me to get my Essex escort back because I have already shattered her trust with me and I know it’s impossible to put it all back again. But with a little help I am willing to fix my life but I do not expect that I can eve find a woman like her. What we had was great and it caused me great pain letting her goes but I know it’s all for the best, I do want my life to be a better one and I believe that it could still get better especially now that I have a good strong heart. I believe that I have already learned a lot of important things in life. Being with this particular Essex escort made my life so much better and I still want it do change because I really do want it. I believe that if I could manage to love another person again things would be different.


Do you have time for yourself

I meet a lot of gentlemen at Guilford escorts who do not seem to have time for themselves. I would say that they spend too much time working when they should be having some fun instead. There are even days when they don’t seem to have time for us girls here at the escorts agency, and they want to date for a shorter period of time. That is not something that you should be contemplating at all.

Why should you not want to spend more time with your favorite girls at Guilford escorts? I would say that the vast majority of the gents hat I meet, would benefit from spending more time with their favorite Guilford escorts. Spending time with an escort is one of the thing that can really recharge your batteries, and get you going again. I have met a lot of gents who say that they feel refreshed after spending time with Guilford escorts.

Another thing that you should not downgrade in your life, is human companionship. We are often told that we are solitary animals, but I don’t think it is true at all. I would love to spend more time with my friends because I know it is one of the most important things that I can do in life. First of all, it makes me feel really good about myself, and I know that having a good social circle is important for all sorts of reason. I love my friends, and many of the gents I meet at Guilford escorts are special to me.

Time off from work is one more thing that you should not ignore. Most of us work too hard. When I first started to work for Guilford escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/guilford-escorts, I used to work my socks off but that has all changed now. Since I have started to take regular breaks, I have noticed that I am getting much more out of my job, and I feel better about the gents that I date as well. It is a little like you need to refresh yourself before you start again, and that is what I try to do as much as possible.

Of course, you should never downgrade friends and family, but many of us do. I asked one of my gents the other day, when was the last time he saw his mom. His said that he could not remember and I think that is true for many of us. We really do need to spend more time with our friends and family. We have this modern day habit of putting our friends on the back burner. It really does not do us any good at all, and I don’t that we should be doing that. I never put any of my Guilford escorts gents on the back burner. I make sure that I am there for them all of the time, and all of the best guys that I date at the escorts agency, would do the same thing for me. I know that.